Black Friday 3D Printing Deals

Black Friday 3D Printing Deals

Yes, it’s Black Friday again – and considering what inflation is like, this year it’s more welcome than ever. At 3D Printing UK we’re big fans of getting value for money, so as usual we’ve scanned all the best Black Friday deals on 3D printers and accessories. If you want to get into additive manufacturing, but you’re on a tight budget, this is your chance to do it. Already a 3D printing enthusiast? Why not add another printer or upgrade the one you have with one of these Black Friday deals?

Ender 3 Enterprise Edition

The Ender 3 is still one of the most popular 3D printers around – affordable, simple to use and endlessly upgradeable, it has something for everyone. Now you can get the Ender 3E for just £208.60 if you hurry. This version comes with CR Touch automatic bed levelling, a filament break sensor and an all-metal extruder, for not much more than the usual price of a standard Ender 3. This is a perfect 3D printer for a beginner, but it’s also ideal if you want to set up a printer farm at a reasonable price.

Anycubic Photon Mono

Are you looking for a resin 3D printer? The latest version of Anycubic’s popular Photon is on sale for £183 on Amazon. The Photon Mono has a 4k resolution, so you can get incredibly detailed prints. It’s also faster than the original version, and has a larger and upgraded LCD screen for the user interface. You can get a curing box to rapidly harden your finished prints for £46.74, too.

Malyan M200

If you want something that’s ready to go straight out the box, and don’t plan to print anything too large, this neat little printer could be just what you’re looking for. The Malyan M200 is aimed at kids and beginners, so it comes fully assembled; just add a spool of filament and an SD card with your file and you’re good to go. It has a 120x120x120mm print volume and, unlike many budget printers, has an all-metal base, frame and hot end. We haven’t tested this one, but it has good reviews and it’s just £134.98 on Black Friday.

IWECOLOR three-colour filament pack

Already got all the printers you want? There are still plenty of interesting offers out there. I’m seriously tempted by this pack of four different multicolour filaments. Each 0.44lb spool is made up of three colours, but unlike the rainbow filament we tested a while ago the colours are evenly distributed along the filament, which could potentially give some very attractive results. At £20.24 for the pack, I really want to give this a shot.

Jayo S1 filament dryer box

If you read this blog regularly you’ll know that I dry my filament in my kitchen dehydrator. That works, but a proper filament drying box is a neater solution. The trouble is, drying boxes are surprisingly expensive. The Jayo S1 is normally £50, but it’s £32.99 for Black Friday. This box lets you set the drying temperature between 35°C and 55°C, and it has a filament outlet so you can feed straight from the box to your printer.

The cost of living crisis is very real, and most of us have less to spend on our hobbies than we’d like. Black Friday is a chance to splash out a little, though. If you can get great 3D printers and accessories at a serious discount you can still manage to beat inflation.

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