Black Friday 3D Printer Deals!

Black Friday 3D Printer Deals

Like it or not, Black Friday – America’s annual post-Thanksgiving retail orgy – has now established itself in the UK. Personally I hate Black Friday because I always forget it exists; I’ve just spotted an Amazon Echo that I paid £89.99 for last week on sale for £59.99, so that’s £30 worth of irritation right there. However, assuming you have a functioning memory, it’s a chance to pick up some really good deals – and some of those deals are 3D printers. Here’s a couple of Black Friday 3D printer deals we’ve tracked down.

This page is from Black Friday 2020, if you would like to see Black Friday 3D printer deals for 2021 then please be sure to see our November 2021 post.

Grab Your Wallet

Amazon have special offers on a range of Geeetech printers. What makes these interesting is that they’re all multi-feed models, so if you want to move beyond printing objects in a single colour this is a great chance to upgrade.  

The cheapest on offer is the A10M, reduced from £269.00 to £191.20 – and, if you’re quick, you can save another £20 with a voucher deal. The A10M is an open-format printer that needs some assembly, but Geeetech say it should only take ten minutes to fit the bits together with a few screws. Once you’ve managed that you have a device with a generous 220x220x260mm print volume, an auto-levelling print bed and broken filament detection. Best of all, it has space for two 1kg spools of filament feeding a 2-in-1 print head, so it’s capable of printing in two colours or even blending them together.

The A10T, reduced from £299 to £239.20 and with a £30 voucher deal available, is very similar to the A10M. However, it has a third filament spool and a 3-in-1 hot end. Obviously this gives you even more colour options.

Finally, there’s the A20M. This is another two-colour printer, with a 255x255x255 build volume. It’s reduced from £339 to £271.20, and again there’s a £30 voucher available.  Like the A10 models Geeetech claim it has a print resolution of 0.1-0.2mm. Apart from the slightly larger build volume it seems to have the same features as its cheaper siblings.

Amazon are also selling the TRONXY X5SA for £277.72, with another £30 off if you get approved for an Amazon platinum Mastercard. They don’t actually say what the usual price is, but considering its features list it certainly looks like a good deal. The X5SA is another printer that needs some assembly – rather more than the Geeetechs, by the look of it – but what you end up with is an open cube with dual filament spools, 2-in-1 extruder and a truly massive 330x330x400 print area. Layer thickness is selectable from 0.3mm down to 0.1mm and it also has broken filament detection, so printing will stop if you have any little feed mishaps.

Over at Technology Outlet, meanwhile, the FlashForge Creator Pro is reduced from £495 to £399, and this is a very tempting offer. The Creator Pro isn’t as feature-rich as The Geeetech or TRONXY models, but it’s a very solid, capable performer that’s perfect if you want ultra-accurate prototypes or components. With a 230x150x155mm print volume, layer thickness selectable down to 0.05mm and a fully enclosed design, this is a serious printer that can handle small business tasks as well as satisfying hobbyists.

So, while Black Friday might annoy me personally, I have to say I’m more than happy with the Black Friday 3D Printer Deals on offer this year. Found any more bargains? Let us know in the comments!

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