3D scanning on your phone


A 3D printer is a powerful tool, but combine it with a 3D scanner and whole new worlds open up. Scanners are quickly becoming more affordable, and you can now get a decent one for under £200, but this is one place where the technology might be overtaken before it really has a chance to get going. Believe it or not, you probably already have a device that contains all the technology needed to scan [Read More]

The Peachy Printer


The last couple of years have seen the price of 3D printers fall rapidly, but to a lot of people it still seems like an expensive item. After all when a basic laser printer costs less than £40 even £250 for an entry-level 3D model looks like a lot. Prices keep falling though, and a 3D printer that costs $100 (about £70) should be hitting the US market soon. Thanks to the mysterious way American [Read More]

3D Scanners


3D scanners haven’t had as much publicity as 3D printers yet, but they probably won’t be too far behind. It’s a logical development. After all 2D scanners really started to take off when most people had a printer at home. They’re a natural combination, letting you reproduce or modify an image easily. Their 3D equivalents can work together in exactly the same way. What’s made affordable 3D scanners possible is a combination of technologies that used [Read More]

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