Daihatsu Copen introduces 3D printed custom jobs


Car customisation is big business already, but thanks to 3D printing it could be about to reach new heights. Printing specialists Stratasys have just announced a collaboration with Daihatsu that will let people personalise their vehicles like never before. Part of the ritual of choosing a new car is deciding what colour to buy, but if you’re looking at Daihatsu’s new Copen roadster you can go a lot further than that. As well as a [Read More]

Keeping 3D projects in one piece


3D printers are already common and affordable enough that they’re finding all sorts of uses nobody could have predicted. It’s now possible to order many objects online and, instead of waiting for them to be shipped, you simply download the design and print them out. If you have some fairly basic software skills you can often customise them before printing, giving even more flexibility. One area where downloadable objects are catching on is the games [Read More]

Project Archinaut – 3D printing heads for the stars


NASA has been interested in 3D printing for a while; it has obvious potential for replacing parts during long space missions. Now they’re working on a more ambitious plan, though. A $20 million contract was awarded late last year to Made In Space, who are now developing a 3D printer that can be launched into orbit and could help to assemble future satellites and space stations. The official title of the contract is the “Versatile [Read More]

MIT breakthrough brings 3D-printed robots closer


One limitation of 3D printers is that while they can make components there are restrictions on their ability to create complete, ready to go systems. The idea of a printer that could create robots without human intervention is still in the realms of science fiction. It’s just moved a little bit closer to reality though, because researchers at MIT have made a major step forward in printing diverse materials. Their latest innovation is able to [Read More]

Graphene and 3D printing


We’ve looked at quite a few different print materials here – various plastics, metals and even food – but one of the most exciting developments in 3D printing could be the ability to print graphene. This is a new material, one which was first made in 2004. Scientists had been sure in could exist before that but they hadn’t managed to actually create any, but already it’s been successfully printed. Graphene is a very interesting [Read More]

3D scanning on your phone


A 3D printer is a powerful tool, but combine it with a 3D scanner and whole new worlds open up. Scanners are quickly becoming more affordable, and you can now get a decent one for under £200, but this is one place where the technology might be overtaken before it really has a chance to get going. Believe it or not, you probably already have a device that contains all the technology needed to scan [Read More]

Pizza printing – Food that’s out of this world?


Is there anything that can’t be produced with a 3D printer? Well yes, of course there are – lots of them. But while the list of things you can’t print is long, it seems to be getting shorter every day. Tech pioneers are constantly developing new printers that can print new things, and now there’s a Kickstarter funding drive under way for one that can print pizzas. Printable food isn’t exactly a new idea. There [Read More]

3D printing a violin


There’s almost no limit to what you can create with a 3D printer, and the technology doesn’t just let us recreate familiar objects – we can adapt them in completely new ways, too. This has obvious attractions for designers and engineers, but artists and musicians are starting to embrace it as well. You might wonder what musicians are printing, and the answer is surprising – instruments. The shape of a traditional instrument is limited by [Read More]

The Peachy Printer


The last couple of years have seen the price of 3D printers fall rapidly, but to a lot of people it still seems like an expensive item. After all when a basic laser printer costs less than £40 even £250 for an entry-level 3D model looks like a lot. Prices keep falling though, and a 3D printer that costs $100 (about £70) should be hitting the US market soon. Thanks to the mysterious way American [Read More]

3D Scanners


3D scanners haven’t had as much publicity as 3D printers yet, but they probably won’t be too far behind. It’s a logical development. After all 2D scanners really started to take off when most people had a printer at home. They’re a natural combination, letting you reproduce or modify an image easily. Their 3D equivalents can work together in exactly the same way. What’s made affordable 3D scanners possible is a combination of technologies that used [Read More]

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