Do you want a 3D printer this Christmas?


Christmas is approaching again, and the latest tech gadgets are going to be mentioned in a lot of letters to Santa. If you’re thinking about buying a 3D printer this festive season, either for the family or as a gift to yourself, you’re probably wondering what model to go for. Just a few years ago you had a choice of a handful of hobbyist models that needed self-assembly and a lot of tinkering, but now [Read More]

Print your own teeth!


There was an amusing story in the news last year about a US student who came up with an imaginative solution to his dental issues. Amos Dudley had a brace when he was young, but he didn’t wear it as much as he was supposed to and his teeth became slightly uneven. Although this is considered normal almost everywhere on the planet, Americans have their own ideas about teeth and having them perfectly straight is [Read More]

Formlabs Form 2 – Professional printer review


From a niche start, 3D printing is rapidly becoming mainstream. With the way prices are going it’s soon going to be feasible for anybody who wants one to have an entry level printer at home – and, unlike earlier models which are very much aimed at hobbyists, it should be user friendly too. On the down side, most affordable printers use fused filament fabrication. This is pretty economical and uncomplicated, but lower priced printers often [Read More]

M3D Pro unveiled at CE Week 2016


US company M3D caused a stir a couple of years ago when they released the Micro 3D printer. Selling for $199 on Kickstarter, this was a small entry-level device with a respectable print envelope and some innovative technology. It did have its limits though, the main one being the 4.5-inch cube it could print into, but now the company has taken the concept a stage further with the launch of their new M3D Pro. If [Read More]

Keeping 3D projects in one piece


3D printers are already common and affordable enough that they’re finding all sorts of uses nobody could have predicted. It’s now possible to order many objects online and, instead of waiting for them to be shipped, you simply download the design and print them out. If you have some fairly basic software skills you can often customise them before printing, giving even more flexibility. One area where downloadable objects are catching on is the games [Read More]

Project Archinaut – 3D printing heads for the stars


NASA has been interested in 3D printing for a while; it has obvious potential for replacing parts during long space missions. Now they’re working on a more ambitious plan, though. A $20 million contract was awarded late last year to Made In Space, who are now developing a 3D printer that can be launched into orbit and could help to assemble future satellites and space stations. The official title of the contract is the “Versatile [Read More]

Graphene and 3D printing


We’ve looked at quite a few different print materials here – various plastics, metals and even food – but one of the most exciting developments in 3D printing could be the ability to print graphene. This is a new material, one which was first made in 2004. Scientists had been sure in could exist before that but they hadn’t managed to actually create any, but already it’s been successfully printed. Graphene is a very interesting [Read More]

Pizza printing – Food that’s out of this world?


Is there anything that can’t be produced with a 3D printer? Well yes, of course there are – lots of them. But while the list of things you can’t print is long, it seems to be getting shorter every day. Tech pioneers are constantly developing new printers that can print new things, and now there’s a Kickstarter funding drive under way for one that can print pizzas. Printable food isn’t exactly a new idea. There [Read More]

3D printing issues – wall thickness


3D printing is a rapid way to turn digital designs into physical objects, but the process is so simple that it’s easy to forget some vital details. One of these is that while you can design almost anything you want on a screen, the printed end product has to obey the laws of physics. Too many projects fail because the printer, or more often the print material, can’t meet the expectations of the software. Often [Read More]

3D printing a violin


There’s almost no limit to what you can create with a 3D printer, and the technology doesn’t just let us recreate familiar objects – we can adapt them in completely new ways, too. This has obvious attractions for designers and engineers, but artists and musicians are starting to embrace it as well. You might wonder what musicians are printing, and the answer is surprising – instruments. The shape of a traditional instrument is limited by [Read More]

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