How to feed your 3D printer


When you start looking for a 3D printer it’s easy to get too caught up in the specifications of the machine itself – the size of object it can create, its resolution and print speed, for example. All of these are important, but probably the most important thing is one that a lot of buyers don’t consider – what it can print with. This is a much bigger deal for 3D printers than it is [Read More]

What can a 3D printer make?


So you’ve built or bought your first 3D printer, connected it to the computer and loaded a spool of material. It’s all ready to go. The big question now is what are you going to print with it?  With a commercial 3D printer the possibilities are almost endless. Working guitars can be printed, or custom bike frames. When the Skyfall screenplay called for Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 to be destroyed three five-foot-long replicas were printed, [Read More]

Slice by slice – how 3D printing works


Watching a 3D printer in action is a fascinating sight. At first it’s impossible to tell what the finished object is going to be, but as the print head builds up layer after layer the shape slowly becomes obvious until the finished piece is revealed. It seems almost magical – a solid object being created apparently out of thin air, with just the moving print head to bring in into existence. In fact the concept [Read More]

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